ERIBA Ltd, The Priory, A417, Faringdon Road, Lechlade, Glos GL7 3EY
Nearly fifty years ago the first ERIBA caravan was conceived. Built around a revolutionary concept and perfected by an aeronautics engineer - Eric Bachem.

The tubular steel frame structure that makes up the skeleton of every ERIBA Touring caravan has proved itself over the decades and has yet to be surpassed as one of the best solutions ever designed give rigidity to the unit as a whole.

This unique design element allows not only for an aerodynamic shape but also an optimum weight ratio.

The unrivalled aerodynamics combined with the low weight and low centre of gravity bestow every ERIBA Touring caravan with incomparable road holding properties whilst towing and a remarkable ease of manoeuvrability while manually handling.

The tubular steel frame structure is insulated to ensure no cold spots to attract condensation on the inner panel. Furthermore, the tubular steel frame is used to mount all the internal furniture, as well as an anchor point for any external accessories which are to be fitted. This ensures the ERIBA Touring caravan a long life.

There are enough veteran ERIBAs' still on the road today to prove it!

Why not come and have a great day or weekend out in the Cotswolds and at the same time visit our exclusive ERIBA centre. You can browse at your leisure in our showrooms and see for yourself just "what it is that makes the ERIBA so special"